iPhotography & Pokémon

I have fallen into the Pokemon Go trap. I think it’s a good thing though. … More iPhotography & Pokémon


Favorite Podcasts

While I walk I like to listen to podcasts. I recently discovered that I enjoyed listening to podcasts and learned that some of my favorite people have their own broadcasts. I thought I would do a little post of recommendations about the podcasts I’ve been listening to. … More Favorite Podcasts


I’ve put off posting anything new for a bit now because I felt scatter brained and jumbled lately. This post is going to be a free-flowing journey of thoughts as they come to mind in the hopes of offering an update. Sort of a journal entry that anybody can read if they care to. … More Update…

My Garden

Gardening ties into so many things for me. Being vegan, gardening produces a ton of the food that I eat for pennies. It also allows me to get out of my house and enjoy being more grounded, device free & doing some hard work. Sometimes gardening can be really chill and laid back when there isn’t much to do but a lot of the time it is work that contributes to my weight loss. The labor that it takes to maintain my massive garden is an awesome amount of exercise that I actually enjoy. … More My Garden

The Starch Solution

I have tried many diets in the past that have never worked for me. The only time I had any minor success was when I was restricting my calories to around 16-1700 each day. Every time I would stop calorie restricting and eat normally again I would just gain it all back.

After my last post I received a bunch of comments and emails from people offering me advice so I thought I would show an example of what I am eating with a recipe from Dr. McDougall’s book. … More The Starch Solution