My Garden

In the last couple of years I have found that I love to garden! I haven’t been the most successful gardener but I get better as time goes on.

This year my husband and I wanted to have an extra-large garden that we took extra care with. We want to produce a ton of food to sustain us all summer, to freeze and can a bunch of what we grow and to share with others.

Gardening ties into so many things for me. Being vegan, gardening produces a ton of the food that I eat for pennies. It also allows me to get out of my house and enjoy being more grounded, device free & doing some hard work. Sometimes gardening can be really chill and laid back when there isn’t much to do but a lot of the time it is work that contributes to my weight loss. The labor that it takes to maintain my massive garden is an awesome amount of exercise that I actually enjoy.

So, I thought I’d share about my garden. Mostly because  I am excited about it and want to tell everyone.

We have two main garden areas- a large area that we fenced off in our backyard and a smaller section in the front.  We bought 6 raised wooden garden beds made from recycled fence boards, already had one extra long raised bed from previous years & we bought materials to build three raised beds for our front yard. Thats a lot of garden!  Also, we have geo-pot type planters that we are keeping along the side of our house with potatoes growing in them.

In early May we bought a bunch of organic plant starts from a local hardware store. We purchased six of each- bok choy, baby cabbage, romaine lettuce, garlic, red russian kale & broccoflower. All of the plants bolted and we only have the cabbage, 1 romaine and the garlic left. It was a bit disappointing and discouraging but we’ve bought a ton of seeds that we have planted with great success so far.

My husband has a growing area in our garage with grow lights and temp and humidity monitoring where we start all of our seeds that require indoor germination.

In the backyard garden these are our planter boxes (before dirt):


A garden box full of garlic & onions that haven’t popped out yet, 2 pepper plants and my last remaining romaine:


Baby Cabbage, green onions, radishes and broccoli raab sprouts:


Planning to make homemade pepperoncinis with these:


And my favorite box! Snap peas and green beans:


There are many more boxes and sprouts including an entire box for lettuce and leafy greens, a huge lot that is growing sweet corn, boxes full of radishes, broccoli, herbs, etc. The whole process is exciting and a learning experience.

Today I plan to plant a bunch of sunflowers along my fence line in our front yard after I weed and till the area and to build a trellis around my peas so they have support as they grow. I can’t wait to share the healthy meals that I’ll be making from the produce I’ve grown!



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