I’ve put off posting anything new for a bit now because I felt scatter brained and jumbled lately. This post is going to be a free-flowing journey of thoughts as they come to mind in the hopes of offering an update. Sort of a journal entry that anybody can read if they care to.

Firstly, I have been under the weather for the last 5 or 6 days and I’m finally feeling normal again.

The last week has been interesting. It hasn’t been very eventful but I have felt a bit of growth within myself. Maybe it’s more self-reflection that has been happening while I’ve been under the weather.

I often find myself feeling super self-conscious any time that I get out of my vehicle out in public and sometimes I prevent myself from doing things because I always feel out of place and like I stick out like a sore thumb. I often feel like everyone is looking at me. As an introverted, socially awkward human that creates a very overwhelming feeling. So to sort of help me along I just randomly created a mantra one day. I didn’t think about it at all, it just came to my mind very randomly. I had just parked at the grocery store and stepped out of my van and headed to the store feeling like I was wearing a giant sign demanding all eyes on me. To suppress the feeling I just started telling myself “this is not forever, this is not who you are meant to be, this is only temporary.” Amazingly it sort of worked! I didn’t plan it at all and I didn’t even consider it as an idea. Now, I’ve been telling myself this little mantra everywhere I go. Anytime I get that strange out of place feeling I just repeat those same words in my head. It loosens me up, makes me feel sort of normal. I don’t know, Maybe it’s silly but it’s helped me.

Another thing that I have been doing lately is listening to Rich Roll‘s podcast. It is so inspiring! He has so many episodes with incredible people. The podcast hits such an array of topics. The one podcast that sticks out to me the most is his interview with Jasmin Singer. I can relate to her so much and she has really influenced me to look at my relationship with food. My fear is that no matter how much weight I lose it will not fix the way I view food. Especially in times of weakness. Check out Rich Roll’s podcasts online. They’re dope.

I have always struggled with being overheated. Embarrassingly so. I sweat when others are freezing, I always need a fan, I want to turn the air conditioner on all the time. Exercise exacerbates that unfortunate situation and makes me the most uncomfortable being in existence. I get hot from the inside like I am feverish and I sweat profusely on every square inch of my body. Walking outside in cold weather is a dream. Now it is transitioning to summer and the weather is scorching so I came up with a brilliant idea. I asked my husband to move our treadmill into our bedroom. The only space for it is directly in front of our window air conditioner. So now on the hottest of days I can shut my bedroom door, blast the A/C and walk while the air blows directly on me! I am very pleased by this genius plan 😉

And my final blurb for this post is about a DELICIOUS meal I have been making lately. I sort of made it up one day with some leftovers in my fridge but it was so delicious and easy that I keep making it! It is low-fat, oil free, healthy and super filling. I don’t know what I’d call it but it’s yummy!


I had leftover whole wheat spaghetti pasta noodles in the fridge that I wanted to use so I sautéed a small onion and a large clove of garlic in a pot until it browned up. I added some Better Than Bullion No-Chicken Broth to the pan to keep the onion from sticking and sautéed until the broth mostly evaporated. I added 2 cups of chopped kale that I had to use up and added a bit more broth to steam the kale until it wilted. I added 2 small diced tomatoes, my leftover noodles, some nutritional yeast and garlic powder (I LOVE garlic!) and heated it through. I added everything to a bowl and topped it with fresh black pepper and Minimalist Baker’s vegan parmesan recipe. A very quick and easy meal. It takes about 10-15 minutes to make and it’s very versatile and can be adapted to whatever you have in the fridge. I posted about it on my Instagram a few days ago.

I am still working on my goals and taking it one day at a time. I used to have a tendency to give up if I made a mistake but I keep pushing forward and don’t allow setbacks to affect my as they once did. I am more persistant than ever before and I have a confident belief in myself that I’ve never had. And that’s the best news ever.



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