iPhotography & Pokémon

I have fallen into the Pokemon Go trap. I think it’s a good thing though.

  • I have talked to more strangers in the last week than I probably have in the last few months.
  • I have left my house BY CHOICE to go for a WALK every single day.
  • My husband and kids are playing it too and it’s become a fun family outing
  • It has given me more subjects to practice my iPhone photography on.

In college I took a couple of photography classes but had to sell my DSLR camera for some extra cash at the time. I wish I still had that camera. I did many photoshoots of my children and pets. Now I just have my iPhone 6 plus and the camera is decent enough. So this post has a few photos I took with my phone on our various outings around our town to capture Pokemon and collect at pokestops.


There is a large rose garden that had a bunch of pokestops. We decided to take the kids there for a lunch picnic and walk around looking for Pokemon. There were easily 50-60 people there playing Pokemon as well. Oddly enough, I didn’t take a single photo of the roses and decided to snap a photo of these beautiful blooming artichokes instead.

I was home alone on a gloomy rainy day and saw a pokestop that was sort of near my house. I went out on a walk to capture Pokemon and find the pokestop and was excited to find delicious blackberries along the way. Blackberries grow so wild and crazy here and people tend to hate them but I love how nature just grows delicious sweetness everywhere.


My son has football practice every evening and there is a playground right next to the playing field. We loaded up and played while he practiced. We were excited to find that there were many pokestops around the area and the weather was perfect so we walked and walked. We met many people along the way too. I love how this game is sort of bringing people out and offering a common bond. It’s been fun to share tips and locations with other players.


These are some treasure I found in my backyard while on the hunt for some Pokemon. I found the beginnings of a bunch of grapes on my muscat grape-vine. So cute and tiny! I also almost stepped on these mushrooms. I just thought they looked cool!


And last but not least… I found an Eevee in my garden just chilling with my dog Bella.

I know Pokemon is not for everyone but Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood and it is super exciting for me to sort of have a revival of Pokemon in a new way that I can share with my family. We all love it and we are all getting a ton of exercise and we are really enjoying it.


For those interested I am on Team Instinct! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!


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